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Yoga Meditation Stools

My wife said that her Yoga teacher had this sort of folding stool thing which you sort of knelt under and it took your weight off your ankles and helped your posture and could I make one…..

So here is my take on a meditation stool.  I’m a great believer in re-cycling so I try to use old hardwood furniture as a base source for material whenever I can.  My latest batch of 5 is from a couple of old teak/mahogany table tops.  However pre-use means there may be the odd slight blemish or plugged dowel hole here or there in the finished item but this does not detract at all from the strength of the stool. (Personally I think it individualises each stool, however I’d rather be up-front about this than have a disappointed buyer).

The top of each stool is sloped slightly to promote better posture and comfort, and users have said that the stools have a safe and secure feel about them. I have coated them with Danish Oil which provides a matt finish which both reveals the depth and texture of the wood grain yet is pleasing to the touch and you shouldn’t slide about. (If you’ve ever tried using a polished stool you’ll know what I mean here, if you haven’t I’m sure you can imagine)!

Now the Techy Bit – Some of these dimensions may vary slightly as they are individually handmade, but each one weighs about a kilogram. They are about 370mm long by 140mm wide. The front to back slope is about 7.5 degrees and the height at the high side is 160mm, but when folded away they are only 40mm high! (I can do them differently to order).


The stools cost £20 + £5 p&p

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